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The new type energy-saving lamp with the feature of high efficiency ,energy saving low power expenditure ,and long service life .
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  Specializing in the production of various types of engineering lighting and building electrical products.

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Lian He YingHuang Electrical Appliances Manufacturing CO.,Ltd.Is one of the professional manufacturers,which specialie in producing various project lamp and lanterns and structural appliances.It mainly produces energy-saving illuminative light sets spot light,lamp and lanterms,basket and indicating plate etc.Adoping imported material,it could manufactrue stable quality better performances and fashionable shape high-fech products. It's the best choice for illumination."Quality for Survivor,Efficency for Competitive innovation for Advance"are our guiding principle,Our company krrps improving and gets rid of zhe stake and brings forth the fresh.Our quality management is strictly in light of ISO9001 international quality control sysytem.Series products have passed the inspection of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Basing upon China.facing international market and getting customer's credit,we have got lots goodcommon since we push the product into the market.Up to now ,we have been setting up representative office in big and medium city and have set up perfect domestic sale net all over the country .Series products have been designated to be nominating product by Design Department and Decoration Company.

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Our service:
1, for all your inquiries about us or our products, we will reply to you in detail24 hours
2、We have an engineer's experience of 58 years old design to help you solve all the technical problems of large lighting projects.
3、We have sales who participated in leading 5 to help you customize the sales solutions.
4、We have a good translation, enthusiastic sales and service, can speak fluent English language.
5、We have very experienced engineer and we have strong ability to do all kinds of lighting and electrical construction engineering production品。


Frequently Asked Questions:

1, your entire region of the market is what?
Our market in every corner of the world, we have eight years of foreign trade experience, our customer base, we work in each country buyers, manufacturers and distributors to reach more than 29000 people.

2, what is your main product is it?
We mainly produce all kinds of engineering lighting and building electrical products. The main production of energy-saving lamps, brackets, ballast, etc., the product selection of imported raw materials, developed a stable quality, good performance, beautiful shape of high-tech products, is the best choice for the lighting environment.

3, your factory or trading company?
We are a factory, we provide production and sales. Some famous foreign supermarkets and our regular cooperation.

4, you have the ability to do independent research and development?
Our engineering department has 5 - 4 people, we research and development capabilities. We also collect every customer feedback, product improvement and new product development. We also hold a monthly new product release.

5, if I have a question I want to consult how to contact you?
You can contact us through our customer service hotline: +86-750-3750777 or email us directly.

6, what services do you offer?
If you do not mind, you can tell us the following information, you are the factory, wholesalers, procurement, distributors, consumers or do engineering, design, or home. We can provide you with a detailed explanation. You will also be patient to answer every question. We have established a customer complaint, if you are not satisfied with our service, you can directly tell us by e-mail or phone. We'll help you answer all the questions.

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